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Recap of our Third Session
Always Messing Up My Plans

The Raven

We picked up at The Raven, supposed headquarters for the Misty Lotus. The party scouted the tavern and discussed their next move. Once a plan was made though… the captain of the guard, Ronriel and a number of guards entered, asking the party to admit to their crimes and be brought into justice. Arrows flew, swords were drawn, but ultimately the captain put more than half the party to sleep and the rest submitted.

Locked away

Ronriel questioned the party about their knowledge of the wanted man and the Misty Lotus. As well as bringing up some of their past crimes in other cities. Rinn noticed something peculiar about his eyes. Not receiving the information he wanted, Ronriel left the party to think and possibly admit to their crimes. An attempt was made to steal keys from the guard patrolling the hallway, when a shadowed figure slit the guard’s throat. The Wraith had come to save the party. She ensured they retrieved their equipment and led them out to safety through the system of sewers.


She brought the party outside the city and introduced them to Dirtyhands. He told the party he was attacked by the Misty Lotus while attempting to deliver a high-powered magical artifact. He believes something big is coming, and soon. He enlisted the help of the party in setting up an ambush to seize and poison a supply caravan heading to their Headquarters. Not only a way to take out their numbers, but to also infiltrate them without being noticed (hopefully).

The Ambush

After setting up, the caravan was ambushed. Together the party brought a swift end to those who guarded the caravan, despite Genrovan falling unconscious.

Next time on D&D Origins….

The caravan has to be poisoned and brought into the Misty Lotus Headquarters. Then, the following morning, the remaining party members are set to attack and put an end to whatever they have planned.

Recap of our Second Session
The Campaign Begins

Come on Inn

Our quest began at the Come on Inn in the city of Neverwinter. The party just finished delivering supplies to the city for their first job as a team. They’re not unknown to each other, but that doesn’t mean there’s trust between them.

Following a groggy night of drinking, the party awoke to find the City Guard searching nearby buildings as well as the Inn. The Captain of the guard, Ronriel, explained that a body was found outside the Inn and a man with a lotus tattoo is suspected of committing the crime. After searching, questioning and removing the body, the guards left.

A Strange Man…

Upon looking at posters for this mysterious man, the party learns that they are to return him alive to the Raven, a bar on the shady side of Neverwinter.

Heading off in that direction, the party glimpses a man duck into the shadows. A chase ensues with a local beggar being knocked unconscious and ending with the man in ropes.

In a nearby alleyway the party interrogated Thoben and learns of the Misty Lotus and their responsibility for the missing children of Neverwinter. While arguing over what to do with Thoben (kill, free, return for the reward), a shopkeeper stumbles upon the party. After being knocked unconscious, the party agrees to let him fight for his life alongside them. A makeshift disguise is made and the party heads towards the Raven.

The plan goes wrong?

After escorting Thoben through a busy city square, the party runs into a few members of the City Guard. A quick fight ensued, leaving four guards dead and no members of the party wounded. The bodies were left outside and the party entered the Raven

The party each gained a level, but we still need to roll hit die, don’t let me forget!

I’ve also updated the Wiki, take a look!

Origins Wiki

Recap of our First Session
Welcome to D&D

For our first session, we went over basic rules for D&D 5e as well as created characters.

Here are the characters and their players:
Alvyn: Lily
Rinn: Ben
Jeff: Yush
Damaia: Nataliee
Genrovan: Bryndan

We also had a small bar fight as an introduction to combat and general rules of play.

Next week our adventure officially begins in the city of Neverwinter.

Recently a string of missing persons has gotten the city spreading rumors and terror. Many don’t go out late at night alone, in fear that they won’t return…

Unrelated you’ve heard/seen news of a mysterious WANTED MAN

See you all Monday at 7pm!


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