Alvyn Grenadier

Gnome Wizard


Male, 3’4", mid-50s, putting him still in young adulthood for a gnome. Short brown hair in perpetual disarray, usually on end and singed in places. Always has a faint whiff of burned hair (and sometimes ozone) about him.

High-INT, high-DEX, but low-WIS, meaning he always asks “Can I do the thing?” and never ever “Should I do the thing?”


If you’re going to play around with explosions, do it where only the orcs and goblins are around to hit!

A child of the city of , Waterdeep. Alvyn was a…rather rambunctious child, following his every whim no matter where and causing his family no end of exasperation. In his mid-teens, he saw a group of adventurers in a pitched battle against…something, he can’t remember, but he can remember how amazing the sorcerer of the group was. He grew enthralled with the twists the woman put in her magic and decided that this was his new goal in life.

Unfortunately, he lacked the innate quality that makes a sorcerer…well, a sorcerer. Instead, he chose to seek out magical knowledge wherever he could find it, eventually coming to study at a wizard tower. There, he dedicated years of his life to learning all the magical secrets he could lay hands on, in hopes that this new discovery would let him twist magic the way sorcerers do. He was disappointed every time.

Conventional wizardly thought having failed him, Alvyn turned instead to experimentation. Increasingly…explosive…experimentation. While Alvyn himself was nimble enough to avoid the side effects and results of potentially unstable projects imploding, exploding, or otherwise failing catastrophically, his lab partners and fellow researchers were not. After one too many failures someone else caught the brunt of, the tower residents threw him out on his ear, his dangerous research with him.

Now, he wanders around adventuring, still experimenting and refining his research.

picture courtesy of johnnymorrow on deviantart.

Alvyn Grenadier

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