Tiefling Paladin


Damaia grew up in a close-knit village, Daggerford, with her two adopted halfling parents under her birth name, Hope. She was raised to believe she could overcome her birth as a Tiefling, and didn’t feel as ostracized as many of her kind do. She grew up feeling accepted and valued as a member of her village.

In her formative teenage years, she grew close with a group of friends she went to school with. In the middle of a summer night, the village awoke to a blazing fire in the temple of Ilmater. After they fought the blaze, a trial was held to determine who was at fault. Even though Hope was asleep in her bed at the time, the entire village, even her parents, turned on her. They all figured it was only a matter of time before the Tiefling truly revealed her wickedness. She was found guilty of a crime she did not commit, and was exiled from society.

From that day forward, Hope vowed to never fight against her heritage again. She is a Tiefling, and she will own that with every fiber of her being. She changed her name to Damaia, and began to worship the only Goddess she’s ever truly known — Loviatar the goddess of pain. She took to a life in the wilderness to become a Hermit, dedicating herself to learning everything she could to achieve her mission.

She began studying the ways of a Paladin, and began to deeply identify with her new calling to make sure the injustices she’s endured would never happen to anyone again. Damaia vowed to Loviatar that she would bring hell upon those who lie, cheat and steal with no mercy. Her anger toward society and those who make the arbitrary rules is blinding, and for that reason she is guarded and does not take to newcomers easily. The only things she completely trusts are justice, her Goddess, and herself.


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