Human Monk


A high-dexterity, unarmored, punchy keeper of peace. Not peace like law and order, but peace like peace and quiet.

I’m a Human Monk and Outlander.

I’m Chaotic Neutral. I won’t always do the Right thing, but I’ll always do the right thing.


I was born an orphan in the Forest of Tethir, and spent my early years exploring, hunting, and just learning how to survive. One day I stumbled on a secluded monastery for the Monks of the Yellow Rose and, out of curiosity and looking for a challenge, began to live and work with the monks there.

Now I’ve graduated monastery, and I’m trying the next logical step — adventuring beyond the forest. My interest is still in wandering, but at heart, I’m looking for a home.

As a baby, I was, in fact, raised by wolves.

- Booze, tracking, me time

- Noise, fuss, unnecessary combat, jerks


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